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Terms and Conditions
  • SuperMoon Consultants, LLC agrees to provide consultation services to The Client for the duration of 180 days, or in perpetuity. Acting as an advising service, in the process of reversing fraudulent transactions and repairing The Client’s credit score.
  • In exchange for these services, rendered by SuperMoon Consultants, LLC, the Client agrees to pay a $2000 retainer fee to SuperMoon Consultants, LLC, at the commencement of services rendered. We offer an opportunity to retain a direct link to our services in the future. Every Client will receive a code that can be used, with The Client's email, to access services through our website.
  • SuperMoon Consultants, LLC is an independent financial consulting firm. The Client agrees to pay the full retainer, exempt from local and federal taxes. The retainer is a one time payment sent through PayPal . SuperMoon Consultants, LLC upholds and follows all of the guidelines outlined in PayPal’s Terms and Conditions.
  • SuperMoon Consultants, LLC agrees to protect the confidentiality of sensitive client information in any and all areas it has access to, except when it is already in the public domain. We accept no responsibility for any information already published on the public domain
  • In the event of a dispute of retainer, The Client agrees to mediate with SuperMoon Consultants, LLC through phone, or email communication, for the period of 10 business days, prior to initiating chargeback through merchant services (i.e. PayPal, etc.). The Client and SuperMoon Consultants, LLC agree to enter into this agreement, under the laws of the United States of America and under the laws of Washington State.
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